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By kemolo | 08 May 2023 | 0 Comments

Freeze dryer Mexico, low price for sale from reliable manufacturers, suppliers

Freeze dryer Mexico

Freeze dryer is called “liofilizador” in Mexico. The biggest freeze-dried company in Mexico is in Morelia, which is near Mexico City. Their freeze-drying equipment is supplied by KEMOLO. Besides this manufacturer, there are dozens of other suppliers with processing capacity tons of products daily also imported KEMOLO freeze dryer as one of their main production machineries.
Mexico is the neighbor of the United States which is the biggest consumer’s market for lyophilized products. And the land, labor and raw material cost in Mexico is much cheaper than that in the USA. Therefore, there are many investors build their freeze dry plants in Mexico. And export finished product to America.
To buy a freeze dryer in Mexico, there are many options: the first option is to buy it directly from KEMOLO and KEMOLO will arrange Mexico local engineers for after sales service including site planning, installation, and repair. The second option is just to buy it from local trading company. Some of them imported cheap freeze dryer from abroad. Most customers prefer for the first option, as the machine quality and service are guaranteed and the cost is lower.


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