Papaya Freeze Dryer Machine
Papaya Freeze Dryer Machine
Date:2016-05-27 10:51:01
Papaya freeze dryer machine is designed for freeze drying food material. It requires a large production capacity, lower equipment cost and lower cost on energy consumption. We focus on manufacturing this type of papaya freeze dryer machine for 10 years and more with rich installation experience in home and abroad.
Two type of papaya freeze dryer machine for your applications:
1, Contacting type of papaya freeze dryer machine: better for liquid material, mainly for small or mudium production. The plates and trays are constructed by stainless steel. No IQF. Both refrigeration and heating are on the plates, and material is loaded by hand.
2, Radiant type of papaya freeze dryer machine: better for solid material, mainly for mudium or large scale production. The plates and trays are constructed by aluminum, with IQF. The refrigeration is in IQF and heating on the plates, and the material is loaded by trolley on the track system.
Why to choose papaya freeze dryer machine? 
Do you hope to have an equipment to dry fresh food material without nutrition lost, and meanwhile preserves its original taste, flavor and color? Only papaya freeze dryer machine can meet this requirement. Do you want to get the most healthy dried food with the lowest cost far away from those outrageously expensive pharmaceutical freeze-dryers? Our papaya freeze dryer machine can make it. 
Remarkable advantage of freeze dried food:
1, Retain biological activity
To retain biological activity as much as possible, the material must be in low temperature environment, but on the contrary, drying needs heat involved. Heating will destroy biological activity and nutrition. Our solution is to get the liquid water in the material completely frozen to solid status. The water in the material is solid ice status during the whole heating processing till the material is completely dried. So, the biological activity is retained greatly.
2, No damage to the nutrition
Heating is no doubt the main reason of nutrition damage. By using our papaya freeze dryer machine, heating processing occurs after material gets completely frozen to ice status. Thus, it typically retains 97% of the nutritional value.
3, Taste, color and appearance
Lyophilized by our papaya freeze dryer machine, the material still tastes fresh, delicious as a snack, but a different try. The freeze dried material remains the same color, flavor and appearance as it was firstly harvested. And the volume of freeze dried material has no change, that is to say the appearance has no shrink or toughen. It is the real high quality preserved food.
4, Longer shelf-life
Freeze dried food material has a longer preservation time than frozen food, canned food and oven drying food. Having freeze dried food storage, you do not need to rack your brains what to eat and far away from pigmentum, additive, GMO and anti-season food material. Freeze-drying help us design a healthy lifestyle.
Application of our papaya freeze dryer machine: 
Vacuum freeze-drying technology is applied to process food material to make freeze dried food. The papaya freeze dryer machine is used in all conceivable kinds of agricultural products with top drying quality. 
Fruits: durian, strawberry, mango, apricot, kiwifruit, pineapple, lemon, raspberry, carambola, avocado, banana etc.
Vegetables: broccoli, parsley, mushroom, bean, scallion, asparagus, onion, celery, carrot, tomato, pepper etc.
Other food: beef, coffee, colostrums, cordyceps sinensis, flower, tea, honey, sea food and all kinds of pets food.

Working principle: 
In a sealed vacuum surrounding, by heating the complete frozen food material, the moisture in the frozen material will be evaporated to a continuous frozen vapor condenser. After 20-30 hours, the food material is dried, the water is moved to vapor condenser of the papaya freeze dryer machine. 

Construction and main components of papaya freeze dryer machine:
Each single papaya freeze dryer machine is composed by a vessel/chamber with shelf plates, trays and vapor condensers inside. The vessel can be cylinder shaped or cuboid shaped.
All-in-one:for small papaya freeze dryer machine, all components can be mounted on one frame. It is easy to install and ship.
Assemble:for big papaya freeze dryer machine, vessel is one individual module, refrigerator is a module, vacuum pump is a module, heating system is a module, and control system is another module. We will get all modules collected on customer's site.
1, Vessel, shelf plates, trays and vapor condenser:
Shelf plates and trays can be stainless steel or aluminum, vapor condenser is made of stainless steel. The standard configuration of stainless steel is SUS304, we have SUS316 for option. The standard configuration of shelf plate is welded pieces; we have whole pieces for option. 

2, Refrigerator:
Brand: Refcomp, Bitzer, Carrier, Frascold, Hanbell, Fusheng, and Chinese local brands for your option.
The refrigeration system freezes the shelf plates during in-place freezing, evacuation and the early stages of drying. It also freezes the vapour condenser during the drying cycle. Screw type of compressor is adopted on the large scaled papaya freeze dryer machine and piston for small ones, and the refrigerant used is R404A, R507 etc environment friendly Freon. 
3, Vacuum pump
Brand: Tuthill, Edwards, Leybold, Ulvac, Diavac and Chinese local brands for your option. 
The vacuum system is composed of drying chamber, condenser, vacuum pipes, valves, back pump and holding pump. It requires no leaks; Vacuum system is an essential for the rapid sublimation. Backing pumps and holding pumps are required for large scaled papaya freeze dryer machine to give efficient capacity for evacuation.
4, Heating system
The heat-plates are cooled or heated with a heat transfer fluid. This fluid can be chilled or heated to provide in-place freezing or heating of the product during the drying cycle. An electric boiler directly heats the fluid, and chilling is through an intermediate heat exchanger. A centrifugal pump provides the forced circulation of the heat transfer fluid. Optional fluid: ethanol, glycol, silicon oil, deicing fluid, alcohol, water etc.
5, Defrost system
Water is used for defrosting the vapour condenser. As an optional extra, heat can be reclaimed from the refrigeration compressor to enable 60C hot water defrost, greatly reducing defrosting times over conventional cold water.
6, Control system
Brand: Siemens or Advantech or local brand for option. 
CE, UL approved Siemens or Advantech PLC is adopted for control system. All electrical components are compatible with local supplies including voltage, frequency, wire, motor circuit breakers and overload protection. A variety of sensors support the data acquisition and control of papaya freeze dryer machine: Pressure transducers are fitted, which monitor and control the refrigeration system. Vacuum pressure is monitored at the product chamber. Temperature sensors measure and control the heating fluid.
Installation and training:
We have engineers with 10 years installation experience available for our papaya freeze dryer machine installation guidance and service; and train customer'sworkers operate the machine. 
Packing and delivery
Small papaya freeze dryer machine normally packed by wooden box and shipped by standard container. If export to European countries or north America countries, the wooden box will be fumigated. As the chamber of papaya freeze dryer machine FD-500-FD2500 is too big, the vessel is shipped by FR container or bulk vessel, the rest normally packed by wooden box and shipped by standard container.
Technical parameters of papaya freeze dryer machine:
Model FD10 FD20 FD30 FD50 FD100 FD200 FD300 FD500 FD1000
Capacity (kg/batch) 10 20 30 50 100 200 300 500 1000
Trays area (m2) 1 2 3 5 10 20 30 50 100
Chamber size (Φ*L) 0.7*0.7 0.8*0.9 0.9*1.0 1.0*1.2 1.2*1.5 1.4*1.9 1.5*2.3 1.8*2.5 2.5*5.5
Plate temperature (°C) -50-60 -50-60 -50-60 -50-60 -50-60 -50-60 -50-60 0-110 0-110
Condenser temperature(°C) -60 -60 -60 -60 -60 -60 -60 -60 -60
Vacuum level (Pa) 3 3 3 3 3 3 5 10 15
Plates size (cm) 40*55 70*50 63*95 102*70 119*80 170*100 190×60 232*120 500*60
Plates layers 5+1 5+1 7+1 7+1 8+1 8+1 13+1 17+1 17+1
Plates distance (mm) 80 75 75 75 70 70 70 70 70
Cooling water (≤25°C) recyclable 2t/h 3t/h 5t/h 5t/h 8t/h 15t/h 25t/h 40t/h 100t/h
Defrost By water or 60°C hot water
Use environment Temperature 5°C~30°C/41°F~86°F, Humidity <75%
Total power (kw) 12 16 18 22 40 60 90 150 230
Power consumption 8kwh 10kwh 11kwh 14kwh 24kwh 36kwh 54kwh 90kwh 138kwh
Install area (m2*H) 8*2.5 15*2.5 20*2.5 25*2.5 35*2.5 45*2.5 50*2.5 100*3 200*3.5
Weight 1.8t 2t 2.3t 2.5t 6.5t 8.5t 9t 10t 22t
What we can supply?
1, Large scaled production capacity: from 10-2500kg per batch (24 hours).
2, Equipments with certificates of ISO, CE, UL, RU, CSA, ASME etc is an optional choice. You can also choose the best local brand equipment as an option to save your cost. 
3, 220V, 380V, 50Hz is the standard configuration; 110-120, 60Hz, 400-480V, 60Hz is optional. 
4, We provide auto tracking loading system as a standard configuration from FD-10 to FD-2500 radiant type of papaya freeze dryer machine. 
5, We provide manual loading for contacting freeze dryer as an option from FD-10 to FD-300. 
6, We provide IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) as a standard configuration from FD-10 to FD-2500 for radiant type of papaya freeze dryer machine. 
7, Steam or electricity is optional for material heating to save your energy cost.
8, We provide recyclable hot-water defrost system to improve the working efficiency and save energy cost. 
9, We provide all-in-one papaya freeze dryer machine to shorten installation time to 2-3 days for small-scaled papaya freeze dryer machine; and meanwhile provide modularized units to shorten installation time for large-scaled papaya freeze dryer machine. The papaya freeze dryer machine will be designed according to customer's detail requirement. 
10, We have engineers available for the over sea's installation of papaya freeze dryer machine.