Vacuum freeze dryer
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Vacuum freeze dryer
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Vacuum freeze dryer
Vacuum freeze dryer is short for freeze dryer, and it is a sublimation drying equipment. It has been widely used in injection, protein, bacteria and other pharmaceutical or biological freeze dried fields. Nowadays the food lyophilization is rapidly developing. As the name shows, the vacuum freeze dryer has not only vacuum system but also refrigeration system. At the same time, it also needs heating system to provide the required heating for product sublimation. During operation, the internal space of the main body of the machine is in vacuum condition, it will form  -0.1 MPa pressure difference with the atmospheric pressure of outside. Therefore, the vacuum freeze drying machine is a negative pressure vessel. In order to bear such pressure difference, generally speaking, the vessel is designed to be cylindrical shape, so as to maximize its compressive strength. If rectangular design is adopted, the outside of rectangular chamber must use strength ribs to ensure its compressive strength.
Vacuum freeze drying equipment type:
1, According to the output capacity, there are laboratory vacuum freeze drying machine and production vacuum freeze drying machine. The laboratory lyophilizer requires complete functions, low noise and single phase power supply. Production freeze dryer requires large output capacity, high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
2. From the perspective of applications, there are pharmaceutical freeze dryer, food freeze dryer and home freeze dryer. Pharmaceutical lyophilizers are required to comply with FDA and GMP. The entire production process is non-polluting, can realize automatic loading and unloading, CIP, SIP and aseptic packaging; the food lyophilizer is required to meet the food grade hygienic standards and is cost effective and high efficient; the home lyophilizer is requested with small size, low noise, low energy consumption and economy.
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