KEMOLO Food freeze dryer
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KEMOLO Food freeze dryer
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Food freeze dryer

Food freeze dryer is a high-end food freeze drying equipment. The food will be firstly frozen, and then in the vacuum chamber the ice in the food is sublimated into vapor. The vapor that separates from the food is collected by the vapor condenser. By sublimation, food which is freeze dried has almost no nutrition loss. After lyophilization, the shape does not change and the color of the food does not change. Without adding preservatives and additives, it can be stored for a long time.
The prospect of food freeze dryer
Since the food freeze drying process can truly achieve zero pollution, green and healthy foods. Now it’s increasingly welcomed by consumers. Food lyophilization is the most promising industry. As food is fast-moving consumer goods, the demand of market is very large and it’s a rapidly developing industry. Some investors are constantly expanding their scale to seize the market; new investors are very interested in small and medium sized food freeze dryer and try to explore the market. Food lyophilizers are widely used in applications. A variety of fruits and vegetables can be freeze dried. A variety of meat and aquatic products can also be freeze dried. A variety of cooked foods and dishes can also be lyophilized. After being lyophilized, it becomes nutritious instant meals and noodles. After adding hot water for 5-6 minutes, it can be served.
What is the difference between food lyophilizer and pharmaceutical lyophilizer? How to choose suitable food freeze drying machine and know about investment analysis for the food lyophilized market. If you want to know the above information, you can directly fill out the below form or directly send us email, and we will reply you within 24 hours!
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