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How to Freeze Dry Fructus Hippophae
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Freeze Dry Fructus Hippophae

Now some investors focus on freeze drying fructus hippophae. However, what about the investment prospect? Today let us analyze the market expectations of processing fructus hippophae by freeze dryer.

Fructus hippophae has rich nutrition contents, which contains fats, protein, sugar, salt and vitamins. The vitamin C content is much higher than that of fresh jujube and kiwifruit, but the ripe season of fructus hippophae is in September or October every year. But if you want to eat it during other months, you can only buy sea-buckthorn jelly or juice with additives or hot air dried fructus hippophae. Preserved by these ways, the nutrition of fructus hippophae is almost depleted, losing its food and medicinal value. At present, only by freeze drying method, it can retain its nutrition, and in the meantime do not need to add any food additives, preservatives and pigments.

There are three types of freeze drying machine: laboratory freeze dyer, pharmaceutical freeze dryerand food freeze dryer. Laboratory freeze dryer can only lyophilize a little bit of fructus hippophae. And many of them are without shelf heating function, so there is no much reference for the future production. Too small production capacity can’t have a good trial for the market. If by adapting pharmaceutical lyophilizer to freeze dry fructus hippophae, then it’s always the loss of sale. There are two kinds of food freeze dryer. One is applying stainless steel shelf to transfer heat and hot, and then freeze and heat materials. This type is suitable for small production, and the capacity of fresh fructus hippophae is from 10kg to 300 kg per batch. The benefits of using this freeze drying machine to freeze dry fructus hippophae is very convenient, and no worries. After the fresh fructus hippophaes are loaded into the chamber, you can leave it alone. When the whole processing time is over, the finished products unloading from the freeze dryer are completely freeze-dried fructus hippophae. The other one is using IQF to quickly freeze products, and in other hand heating fructus hippophae by aluminum shelf, which is suitable for large-scale production. The freeze dryer will be equipped with trolleys. So by two or three sets of trolley, the trays with loading materials can be transported from the individual quick freezing to the inside of freeze dryer at once. After the sea-buckthorn is freeze dried, you can drag them out from the freeze dryer in one time. The shelf is made of aluminum for heating transfer with less heating loss, so that heating power can be reduced to achieve the purpose of saving energy.

The color difference between freeze dried fructus hippophae and fresh one is not too much, and all the fragrances are retained. The most importance is that nutrition will not be lost, and can be preserved for a long time if with sealed package. The lyophilized fructus hippophae can be sold as snack, and also can be grinded into powder, used as fructus hippophae powder or pure natural green food additives. Eating frozen dried fructus hippophae have good effects on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, liver disease and gastric disease, anti-cancer, treating burns and scalds, skin care and anti-aging effect. Such high value-added fruits, only by adopting freeze dryer to lyophilize, can keep its value. After the freeze dried fructus hippophae comes into the market, it will lead to mass shock for the drying products by traditional process.  With the increasing demand for high-quality products, freeze dried fructus hippophae will be more and more popular, and of course the market has great potential!
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